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Why You Should Bank Without a Branch

Customers are becoming comfortable with online banking and mobile applications. (Getty Images) The first online banks hit the U.S. market more than 20 years ago, attracting customers with higher interest rates and lower fees. While some early innovators are no longer operating, others have evolved. Take ING Direct, for example, which was acquired by

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7 Ways for Teachers to Make Extra Money This Summer

Teachers can consider picking up a summer tutoring job to earn extra income during the off-season.(Caiaimage/Tom Merton/Getty Images) Teacher salaries vary widely by location, level taught, type of institution and a slew of other factors. But the data are clear: Teaching isn’t typically a lucrative career. Even a high school teacher, which

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5 Tips to Quit Stressing About Money

While money stress may never completely disappear, reducing it as much as possible can improve your relationships, health and general sense of well-being. (Getty Images) Many people mistakenly believe that if they just had more money, all their financial anxiety would disappear and they could finally be happy. In some cases, earning

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